Hearthside's Pottery

These Blooming Dishes

Our hand formed dishes are made by pressing actual flowers (native to the local area) into claty with a rolling pin. 

The impression this leaves in the clay is then fired, antiqued, under glazed, glazed, and fixed again. There are never any two exactly alike! We are sure you will love them!

These Blooming Dishes now have their very own website, with more details on their production, and the where you can buy them around North Carolina.
Click here to visit www.bloomingdishes.com

High Quality Local Artists

As well as our own "These Blooming Dishes" we feature other local artists and studios who offer a wide range of designs and styles that you are sure to love.

Janet Resnick | Garold Amsbery | Sue Hintz
Jim Crabtree | Steve Williams | Darlene Russell

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